Serving Customers in Northeast Indiana, Southern Michigan and Northwest Ohio
Railroad Network Extending Over 120 Miles
OPERATIONS-Hillsdale, Michigan
(517) 439-4677   FAX: (517) 439-0222
ADMINISTRATION-South Milford, Indiana
(260) 351-2421   FAX: (260) 351-3350
Indiana Northeastern Railroad (IN) began operations back in 1992, evolving from its initial operation, the Pigeon River Railroad, through the
purchase of several lines of the Hillsdale County Railway.   Most of the rail lines the IN operates today are lines from those two railroads.  At the
time of purchase of the Hillsdale County Railway lines, the former owner had become financially troubled and had deferred maintenance, leaving
much of the railroad in the poorest of conditions.  In fact, it was difficult for trains to travel from one end of the railroad to the other without
experiencing minor derailments en route.  Through numerous track rehabilitation projects and careful management of its resources, the IN has
been transformed into a solid, stable and dependable operation capable of handling its diverse flow of traffic in a timely, professional manner.
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Today's Indiana Northeastern Railroad stretches nearly 130 miles in length
across northeastern Indiana, northwest Ohio and southern lower Michigan.  
Most of the railroad's traffic interchanges with Norfolk Southern at
Montpelier, Ohio.  A connection in Sturgis, Michigan with the Michigan
Southern Railroad allows for additional interchange of traffic.

Commodities moved by Indiana Northeastern Railroad include corn,
soybeans, wheat and flour.  We also handle plastics, fiberboard, aluminum,
copper, coal, perlite, stone, lumber, glass, rendering products, as well as
agricultural fertilizers and chemicals.  The railroad's traffic base has
continued to increase, in spite of occasional downturns in the economy.  Our
growth in such times is an indicator of our railroad's strength and resilience.

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