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Railroad Photo Page
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  • The railroad must perform regular maintenance on its fleet of locomotives and does so at facilities in both South Milford and
    Hillsdale.  Photos of such activity can viewed on our Train and Locomotive Maintenance page.

  • There are daily train movements over the railroad network to accommodate the our customer traffic demands.   View the
    various photos of our operations on the Train Operations and Equipment page.

  • Each year, numerous projects help the railroad maintain and even upgrade its track structure.  These improvement projects
    also include grade crossings and signal construction.  You can view scenes from past projects by visiting our Track and
    Signal Projects page.

  • From time to time, Indiana Northeastern Railroad sponsors special events for customers and other V.I.P.'s.  The V.I.P.
    Special Events page features various photos from past events and visits.

  • Steam-powered passenger excursions run between Coldwater and Quincy in the summer and fall months.  Chartered
    excursions can run almost anywhere on the railroad.  Photos of such activity are included on the LRR Operations on the IN
    page.  More information about the Little River Railroad can be found on our Links page.