Train Operations and Equipment
Locomotives await train service in Hillsdale.  (August, 2006)
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IN Locomotives soon to be putting a train together in the Norfolk Southern yard at Montpelier, Ohio.  (April, 2008)
IN 2230 and IN 2185 lead southbound grain at Montgomery.  (May, 2007)
IN 2230 approaches Brott Road southbound.  (May, 2007)
IN 2185 heads southbound loads out of Reading.  (May, 2007)
IN 2230 leads southbound loads through Ray.  (May, 2007)
IN 1601 loads grain at Edon.  (August, 2004)
IN 2185 leads a coal train arriving Hillsdale, passing over the east-leg wye switch.  (April, 2003)
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IN 1602 is on the point of a northbound train just north of the Michigan State Line.  (Date Unknown)
IN 1601 is northbound leading a train under the Fox Lake Road overpass in Angola.  (March, 2007)
It's a busy day in Reading as crews both load grain and switch loads for a southbound move.  (May, 2007)
IN 2185 arrives Hilldale and is crossing the Hallett Street bridge.  (February, 2003)
IN 1602 is northbound as it arrives Fremont.  (Date Unknown)
IN 1601 is freshly painted and waiting for service in Edon, Ohio.  (Date Unknown)
IN 2230 is arriving Fremont with grain loads headed south.  (May, 2007)
Northbound bulkhead flats destined for seasonal storage are departing Angola.  (November, 2006)
First 75-car unit grain train with NS dedicated power is seen at C.R. 8.5 near Montpelier, Ohio.  (August, 2008)
Another look at the 75-car unit grain train with NS dedicated power.  (August, 2008)
IN is one of the first shortlines to operate NS-dedicated power on unit grain trains.  (August, 2008)
NS-dedicated power approaches Edon, Ohio on a 75-car unit grain train.  (August, 2008)
Local freight moves westbound just east of Steubenville, Indiana.  (February, 2009)